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Round Out Your Card-Based and Retail Marketing Programs

A Full Slate of Services from a Full-Service Marketing Partner

In card marketing, there are the things you can hold in your hands, like cards, mailers and displays, and the things you can’t touch, like print management, properly affixing cards to carriers and graphic design.

A lot goes into successful loyalty and gift card programs, membership and ID card development, and proper, on-time distribution of everything. When you put your cards in our hands, we’ll help you pull it all off without a hitch.

Print Management

Whether it’s a single project or enterprise-wide print management, it has to start with planning. Our first step is to sit down with you to discuss the project and how it fits into your marketing overall. From there, we put together a proposal that will be unique to your business and make sense in the context of your budget. Then we execute with an eye to the highest possible quality all the way down the line.


Packaging & Distribution

You know the drill – grab the mail, flip through it, toss most of it. With our wealth of printing experience and unmatched technical data handling capabilities, we’ll package your cards and direct mail pieces so they’re conspicuous, distinctive and so darn interesting your customers and prospects won’t be able to set them aside. We’ll also keep your card program on track with detail-oriented fulfillment, mailing and shipping to bulk mail centers.


Card Affixing

StoneHouse has been affixing cards to forms since we opened our doors, and over the years we’ve developed a reputation as the industry’s affixing expert.


Card Personalization

Variable data? No problem. We do laser imaging of bar codes and numbers for Teslin cards and keytags, as well as outside surface imaging for PVC, styrene and other plastic cards. We handle magnetic stripe encoding on both low coercivity and high coercivity cards, and we have expertise with several types of labeling. And we meet the most demanding quality control and verification standards for everything.


Mailing & Direct Marketing

We create and print materials to distribute your cards and card-related information, from self-mailers to envelope-ready pieces to self-mailers, personalized postcards to innovative 3D packages. Whether it’s for new enrollments, loyalty card VIP upgrades, lost/stolen card replacements or the addition of keytags to the program, we’ll take care of it. In the process, we make sure your mailings comply with all relevant regulations.

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Supplemental Services

Our objective is to make your life easy. So if you have a need that’s related to marketing – whether it’s something related to cards or not – we’re here to help. We provide specialized products and services such as branded apparel and accessories, graphic design, website design and custom programming to take some of your other worries off your hands and give you time to focus on the big picture.

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