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In Retail Marketing, Loyalty is Everything

Build it with Loyalty Cards they‘ll be Proud to Carry

It’s been a long time since low prices, good product selection discount card frequent shopper programs carried the day in retail marketing. Transactional relationships are long-since gone. Instead, you need to keep the good, repeat customers you already have.

Welcome to the Age of True Loyalty Marketing

Reward and retain… reward and retain… reward and retain. Say it with us….

Customer retention has become a function of targeted marketing and relationship building, using methods such as customized mailings, VIP membership programs and online communications. It’s about knowing your customers and what they want, then letting them know you’re working hard to provide it.

Strategic Loyalty Program Solutions

StoneHouse is the largest producer of Teslin® laminated cards and keytags used in loyalty marketing programs, and we got here providing complete loyalty program solutions.

You know your customers, we know loyalty marketing. We can help you build a strategic program and plan for program launch and long-term success. From how many cards you’re going to need in each store to start, how many cards your stores will go through in specified timeframes, and how to support your program with emails, self-mailers and postcards, we have the answers.

In many cases, we test solutions with market or geographic segments, and make adjustments before rolling out your program to full target markets. We also help many of our customers with backend execution, like data collection, analysis and personalization of offers for customers based on their prior purchases.

From in-store issuance to direct mail, we’ll work with you to create a customized, cost-effective program that rewards your best customers and keeps them coming back to your stores.

Loyalty Marketing Program Capabilities

  • High-quality lithographic and digital printing
  • Laser imaging
  • Lamination
  • Die cutting
  • Encoding
  • Labeling Matching, affixing and inserting of a wide array of card products, application forms and other related in-store or direct mail issuance solutions

Retailers of all sizes, get your FREE loyalty marketing program consultation today!


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