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Prepaid Gift Cards and Packaging

Offering a diverse product line to make your program stand out.

A pre-paid card program can be a profit center and valuable marketing tool, not to mention a major source of retail revenue.

Gifting private label cards creates new customers as recipients enter stores to redeem them. And research shows a high percentage of customers who redeem prepaid cards spend more than the value of the card.

Appearance and marketability count, and it’s best to have a partner that not only understands the crucial importance of data integrity and security, but makes sure all the i's are dotted and t’s are crossed.

Experience and Technology

StoneHouse has the relationships, people, equipment and technology to help you grow and maintain a successful gift card program.

We’re a leading producer of gift cards, and we take pride in being the easiest card provider to work with. We’ll serve as your partner and consultant, not just a manufacturer. Whether you're launching a brand new program or transitioning from another supplier, we’ll make it simple and seamless.

Comprehensive, Diverse Product Line

The StoneHouse gift card product line suits almost any retail need. From simple CR80 cards to one-piece hang tags, cards affixed to display carriers to secure gift card packages, StoneHouse has the right solution for your specific application.

We are licensed to produce all of the major patented gift card products and we regularly work with transaction processors like Comdata®, First Data, Fifth Third Bank and others. We also work very closely with the primary gift card distributors Blackhawk Network and InComm®.

Quality & Security

Gift card production and packaging requires very stringent quality controls due to the strict data requirements of both retailers and distributors. StoneHouse is a trusted supplier for many of the nation's largest retailers because our reputation for exemplary quality assurance is strong throughout the industry.

Our experience and expertise means you don't have to worry about coordinating the complicated details of data and activation. Not only can we stock your own store displays, but we can help you expand your program into gift card malls. We’ll take care of the backend, too.

Capabilities and Technology for Gift Card Programs

  • Printing – High-quality lithographic or digital printing of cards and carriers
  • Personalization – High-resolution bar codes and numbering and magnetic stripe encoding
  • Security – Scratch-off security labels, tamper evident carrier wrap designs
  • Packaging – Affixing of cards to carriers, complicated matching, folding and gluing, shrink-wrap bundling and sequence labeling
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