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Blackhawk Gift Card Package

4" x 5 1/4"

Gift card fraud has been a frequent news item lately. Unscrupulous individuals sneak a peek at a gift card account number and then wait for it to be activated when purchased by an unknowing customer. Once activated, the thief drains the value of the card, leaving the cardholder with a worthless piece of plastic. Not only is it a major inconvenience to the gift card recipient, it also costs the retailer money when they give out a replacement card. Fraud also hurts the perception of gift cards in general, as people grow fearful of buying and giving gift cards to friends and family. That's where the Blackhawk Gift Card Package comes in.

This product is a gift card / display package designed to deter fraud. The display carrier is sealed with permanent glue, concealing the gift card inside so the card number cannot be seen without tearing open the package. The card is activated via data that is encoded or imaged on the outside of the display package, rather than by scanning the card itself.

In addition to the excellent security features of the Blackhawk package, you can also take advantage of Blackhawk Network to distribute and sell your gift cards in other retail stores. The Gift Card Mall concept offers huge opportunities for retailers to expand sales of their gift cards and bring new customers in to their own stores. Combine this with our outstanding loyalty marketing products and turn those new customers into regulars!

Expand your gift card program and make it stand out with this attractive hang tag display, and reduce fraud with its excellent secure design.


  • Plastic gift card inside an attractive display package
  • Sombrero hole for hanging on display racks
  • Fraud deterrent, tamper evident design
  • Complies with Blackhawk Network requirements


  • Writable To: & From: area for gifting
  • Magnetic Stripe or bar code activation
  • Shrinkwrap bundle in 10s or 25s
  • Custom sequence labels for bundles, cartons and pallets
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