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Blackhawk Gift Card Package

4" x 5 1/4"

Hide and No Peek – The Blackhawk Advantage

The Blackhawk Gift Card Package isn’t just attractive; it also deters fraud by hiding the gift card inside a display carrier. The carrier is sealed with permanent glue, concealing the gift card until the owner opens the package. Customers activate their cards with information encoded or imaged on the outside of the display package instead of scanning the card itself.

In addition to the excellent security features of the Blackhawk package, you also can take advantage of the Blackhawk Network to distribute and sell your gift cards in other retail stores. The Gift Card Mall offers excellent opportunities for selling more gift cards, gaining new customers and getting them through your doors.


  • Plastic gift card inside an attractive display package
  • Sombrero hole for hanging on display racks
  • Fraud deterrent, tamper evident design
  • Complies with Blackhawk Network requirements


  • Writable to/from area for gifting
  • Magnetic stripe or bar code activation
  • Shrink wrap bundles in 10s or 25s
  • Custom sequence labels for bundles, cartons and pallets
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