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Health Care ID Card Production and Mailing

Security, Compliance and On-Time Delivery.

StoneHouse has been working with health care partners like medical insurance companies and insurance resellers for more than a decade. We’re HIPAA compliant, and our reputation for producing and securely mailing health care and insurance ID cards and program materials is solid.

We can take care of everything for you under one roof – production, regulatory compliance and mailing. From simple card issuance to complicated member benefits kits with cards, forms, booklets and other information, we handle it all. For you, that means efficiency, simplicity and lower costs.

In terms of privacy compliance, our production and reporting systems are designed specifically to address both the sensitive nature of the data and the critical timelines required by insurance companies, pharmacy benefits managers and health care organizations of all sizes. Quality control is integrated into every step of the process, from file receipt until the mail pieces are delivered to the post office.

HIPAA Compliant

StoneHouse completed the HCCO HIPAA Privacy Certification process in 2008. HIPAA is an acronym for the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. HIPAA was designed to standardize the way all health care organizations electronically exchange sensitive patient data and protect patients from unauthorized disclosure of their medical records, whether paper or electronic.

StoneHouse has taken the initiative to gain HIPAA compliance as part of an overall strategy to become the leading provider of identification and membership card mailings for health care, insurance and pharmacy benefits organizations.

View our HCCO BA Privacy Certificate
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Capabilities and Technology for Health Care

  • Printing – Cutting-edge digital or offset lithographic printing of cards, carriers, forms, booklets and envelopes
  • Personalization High-resolution digital imaging of variable data, magnetic stripe encoding
  • Kit Production & Assembly Personalized booklet creation, complicated matching/affixing of cards to booklets or forms, matching/inserting of multiple personalized components into envelopes
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