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Data Specifications

Data files can be sent in the following formats: text files (comma or tab delimited or fixed length), Microsoft Excel or Lotus spreadsheets, DBF formats, or Microsoft Access tables. When submitting data files, please provide the file type you are sending, as well as the file format (i.e. field names, types, and length) and a record count.

Data Submission

Data files can be sent via FTP, SFTP, email, or on a disc.


Data files can be retrieved from an FTP or SFTP site or uploaded to our site. Please provide a host name/address, username, password and notification when a file is ready to be retrieved from your site, or contact your account manager to have a directory set up on our FTP / SFTP site for you to upload files to.

Email Transfer

Data files can be sent as attachments to our e-mail address at Please note that WinZip files should not be self-extracting. The WinZip program is located at

Disc Transfer

Data files may be sent on CD or DVD. Keep an exact duplicate of each file sent to us in case of in-transit damage.

If the zipped files exceed 10MB, please send the file via FTP or on a disc.