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Card Affixing and Packaging

Unique card display packaging and direct mail solutions.

You have the cards, you have the program, you have the strategy. Now let us help you make it stick.

It's easy for a plain card package to get lost in the sea of gift card malls, or for a direct mail piece to be tossed aside as junk mail. We’ll work with you to create new and unique products that help your cards stand out, get noticed and move your prospects and customers to action.

StoneHouse takes on both straight-forward and complex projects with gift card carriers and packaging in a wide range of materials, shapes and sizes. We’re able to do that because of years of experience and the most advanced equipment in the industry.

We’ve been affixing cards to carriers and forms since we opened our doors in 1995. In 1999 we purchased our first piece of automated card-affixing equipment, and over the years we’ve expanded our capacity significantly. Our versatile card affixing and packaging lines are outfitted with the latest matching, scanning, imaging, folding and other inline components, and they give us capacity that simply cannot be found elsewhere in this magnitude.

Our high-speed Datacard Ga-Vehren equipment is capable of glue affixing cards to:

  • Gift card carriers & secure packages
  • Loyalty card application forms
  • Direct mail pieces
  • Booklets & magazines

Extensive inline capabilities on our affixing equipment include:

  • Match/affix a card to a pre-imaged form
  • Read a card, affix and inkjet image related information on a form
  • Match/affix multiple cards to a single carrier
  • Affix cards face up, data side down for better appearance
  • Axode OCR cameras for matching, verification or card & carrier denomination / version control
  • Plow folding – 1-4 folds allow for C folds, Z folds and Gate folds
  • Glue types – Easy release for cards, permanent (fiber tear) for gift card wraps
  • Page opening – open a booklet, affix card(s) inside, fold back shut
  • A wide variety of combinations of all of these capabilities are available to create unique custom card packages

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